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Allwin Pack is located in Beijing of China,which is a comprehensive food packaging enterprise, specialized in aluminum foil container,plastic containers,mould structure design and development, mechanical automation R&D, marketing and customer service as one of the Integrated company. Allwin Pack’s manufacturing base are located in Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong and Guangdong, we have 30,000 square meters smart dust-free processing workshop , with the automatic robot automatic pickup packaging device and automatic waste recovery and recycling system. raw material inspection and performance testing laboratory, mold design laboratory, we have developed and tested nearly one thousand of fine processing molds as a leader in this industry.

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our features

We use more than 20 core patent technologies in the field of aluminum foil processing to fill a number of industry technology gaps

Our Product

we use the aluminum foil raw materials which are of international general, environmentally friendly and high-quality to supply customers with various aluminum foil containers, draw out aluminum foil for cooking, household aluminum foil roll and other series of products

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Why more and more people prefer aluminum foil container than plastic container?